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A collection of my efforts in the field of documentary photography, which was the gateway to my entry into the world of photography and the beginning of this activity


In this section you can see parts of my activity in the context of theater photography, an activity that was for me a window to the world of theater and cinema


A project looking at the beautiful art of ballet and its connection with life

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This album is filled with beautiful portrait photography that captures the unique personalities of its subjects. It also includes personal stories that provide insight into the lives of the people featured in the photos. From candid shots of family gatherings to reflective moments of solitude, this album paints a vivid picture of the lives of the subjects. It's a great way to document and remember special moments, and to share stories with others.


My personal and different experiences in different periods and streams of life


Inspired by old family photos and pictures, I came to this form and I came to believe that perhaps more than the subjects in the photos are important, it is their mood and form that gives life to the images, it is a personal experience that gives the images meaning

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