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Author: Margaret Duras
Hoshang Hesami
Designer and director:
Ali Tajik
Actors: Hoda Asasi - 
Mehran Moradi
Assistant director: Amirhossein Fature Chi

Stage assistant:
Mohammad Yarmohammadi
Stage secretary: Parisa Karimpour

light designer:
Arman Rahmanizadeh
Composer: Mani Ebrahimi

Musicians: Mani Ebrahimi, Maryam Simorgh

Public Relations Manager: Amir Hassan Mehrzad Media Consultant: Morteza Naimeh Photographers: Kimia Baran,
Arash Rezaei
  Poster designer, graphic content and teaser creation:
Ali Tajik
  Set design: Hoshang Yousefi, costume sewing: Zainab Jabali, stage manager: Majid Goli Sodem, investor: THEATRE.BOX art page
Summary: After a few years of separation, a man and a woman meet by chance in a music concert hall.

Reach my child

In the summary of the story, "You know what, Dad, walls can only separate us from where we are and where we are not, and they cannot have any other meaning."
Film cast :

Director : ali tajik
Direct of photography : Mahmoud Atshani
Edited by: Ali Tajik
Makeup designer: Hashem Faghani
Stage designer: Nima Imani
Costume designer: Ali Tajik
Sound recording director: Majid Amini
Photographer: Peyman Dadashzadeh
Planner: Narges Amir Aslani
Production Manager: Mahmoud Turk Josh
Directing team: Narges Amir Aslani, Salar Jafari
Stage secretary: Narges Amir Aslani
Cinematographer assistants: Arslan Ghasemi, Ehsan Akbari
Stage assistants: Mir Farrokh Hashemian, Saeed Rostamian
Make-up Assistant: Licensed
Sound assistant: Aria Abedi

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